Website renewal

Just like a garden needs tender loving care and weeding in order to flourish – so too does a website.

The GAGA website which has served our gardening community since 1981 has finally received some of that love and attention and been redesigned to take advantage of advances in technology which will make it easier to share information with our community.

Those changes include:

  • news items featured prominently on the home page
  • navigational menu updated with a consolidation of similar items and removal of unneeded ones
  • search functionality added
  • contact form to simplify communication

The redesign also encourages our community of users to share their garden photos and easily access gardening tips from our expert local gardeners.

The site has been redesigned using Content Management System software called WordPress by our new webmaster Steven Vesely.

Do you have any comments or suggestions for future improvement? Please share them with us!

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