The Gloucester Allotment Garden Association manages two gardens near Blackburn Hamlet:


Orient Park site accessed via Orient Park Drive   

Plot map

Anderson Road site accessed via Weir Road at roundabout intersection of Anderson and Renaud   

Plot map

The Orient Park gardens are situated in Blackburn Hamlet beside the Innes Road Bypass. It contains 317 garden plots spread across three football field areas each connected to municipal water. This means hoses and sprinklers may be used and crops with high water needs may be grown. The Anderson site is more remote and better suited to gardeners interested in a natural setting. The gardens are gated and fenced to prevent wildlife theft. There are 74 plots. The soil is sandy. The gardens are not connected to the municipal water supply. Water must be trucked in at a cost to the Association. 

Due to the need to conserve water, each member is allocated a seasonal quota of water. The combination of sandy soil and limited water makes Anderson most suitable for drought-tolerant, deeply rooted, and locally adapted crops. Members who grow crops with high water needs may exceed their seasonal quota.

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