Orient Park Garden Rules

Orient Park Drive Garden Rules

  1. The members of the Gloucester Allotment Garden Association are as defined in the Bylaws. Every member is to ensure that their plot(s) is/are tended in accordance with these Rules whether by themselves, or by any other person on their behalf.
  2. Annual plots must not be used before spring tilling and staking are completed. Tilling and staking are weather-dependent and will take place as early in May as conditions allow.  Once stakes are in place, they are not to be moved by anyone without Board authority.
  3. Gardening activities must be confined to a member’s own plot(s) and must not interfere with adjacent plots. Laneways, pathways and ditches must be kept open, clear and free of obstacles. At least one foot (30 cm) must be left free of plants and materials around each plot so there is a two-foot (60cm) pathway between plots.  Members must not encroach and/or place gardening materials and tools on “apparently free” space next to their plot(s). Trees and tall crops like corn must not shade adjacent gardens.
  4. The gardens of GAGA are organic. Only certified organic insecticides, fungicides and herbicides may be used. Carpets or other potentially toxic material MUST NOT be used as mulch. Used tires MUST NOT be used for any reason in gardens.
  5. Water must be used sparingly and only on garden plots. Washing vehicles is not allowed. Sprinklers and hoses must not be left running unattended. Rubber washers must be used on all hose connections.
  6. Waste:
    a.  Organic material (weeds, discarded vegetables, stalks and vines) and trash, garbage, etc. must not be placed in wooded areas adjacent to plots, nor in pathways, laneways or ditches. Organic, easily-compostable materials should be incorporated into the member’s plot.
    b.  Coarse, heavy stalks (e.g., corn, sunflowers, broccoli, cabbage, castor beans) must be finely cut and spread on the member’s plot or placed on a designated compost pile. Large roots must be dug out and removed.
    c.  Non-compostable trash and garbage must be removed regularly from the garden plot site by the member.
    (1) Tools, lawn furniture, hoses, wooden stakes, tomato cages, rubble, string, plastics and paper etc., must be removed from all plots and areas adjacent to them by the member and taken from the plot site by the member immediately on completion of their harvest.
    (2) Stakes and other re-usable gardening materials which are intended for use the next year, may be left in perennial (only) plots, if stored neatly and away from paths and boundaries. 
  7. Members must control weed growth on their plot(s), keep the plot neat and tidy, and trim any long grass or weeds on the perimeter of their plot(s). Severe disease or pest infestation must be eliminated. The growth of illegal, regulated or noxious plants and the growth of plant(s) or crop(s) for sale are prohibited.
  8. All harvesting should be completed in the annual plots before the designated time (set annually by the Board, typically around mid-October). Members must remove all waste and heavy, large or coarse stalks and roots (see #6 above) immediately after harvest, to enable tilling in the spring.
  9. Dogs and other animals must be kept on a leash and away from plots if brought to the site. Animal waste must be removed and properly disposed of.
  10. To avoid accidents and to mitigate damage to the roadway, members and all other individuals travelling on the entrance and through the designated roadways around the plot areas must not exceed the posted speed limit (20 km per hour).
  11. Intimidating, threatening, or abusive behaviour toward any GAGA member will not be tolerated.
  12. The Board expects all members to voluntarily comply with these Rules; non-compliance will result in a warning with the expectation that immediate corrective action will be taken. The Board reserves the right to cancel plot privileges and re-assign plot(s) at any time for any member’s failure to abide by these Rules.

Orient Park Garden Information Guidelines

  1. The deadline for registration is 31 March. Failure to register before the deadline may result in plot(s) being offered to new gardeners on the waiting list. Those seeking (re-)registration must provide the Registrar with their postal address, email address and telephone number(s), and are asked to inform the Registrar of any changes as soon as they occur.  On-line registration is preferred. New administrative rules (to deal with public health restrictions for example) will be made clear to members at registration.
  2. A member may keep the same plot(s) each year if the member is in good standing and his/her plot(s) is/are available. No member/family (persons living at the same address) may lease more than two plots. Grandfathering of plots leased prior to approval of this rule (which took place in 2016) expires on the departure of the member who was grandfathered.
  3. The annual cost of leasing a plot is based on the Association’s projected costs for maintenance and administration. Members who assist the Association may receive a reduction in fees the following year.
  4. The Association will issue a membership card each year, noting the plot(s) leased to the member.  Members may be asked to produce their membership card at any time when they are on the plot site to show that they are a member in good standing.
  5. Annual plots will be tilled as a block each spring, and subsequently measured and staked.  A perennial plot will only be tilled on request, and only in the year that it is re-assigned.  Each plot will be identified by a number affixed to a stake at the left front corner of the plot as indicated by the “dot” on the relevant garden plan map (the plot number on the stake faces toward the plot).
  6. It is expected that assigned plots will be planted by July 1 of each year.
  7. GAGA will not be held responsible for personal injury to members of the public, nor for damage to vehicles and gardening equipment, including loss or damage caused to plot areas, tools, equipment or materials left therein as a result of theft or vandalism

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