Clean up reminder

Just a reminder to all gardeners that our gardens are a public space for gardening and not a dumping ground for garbage and waste. 

During the Blackburn Hamlet Annual Spring Clean Up, volunteers removed 6 bags of trash from the gardens, and a couple of weeks later, collected three more bags of trash.

In both cases, it was reported that a lot of the waste was gardening-related plastic.  Please clean up after yourselves and bring your garbage back home with you for disposal.

Please remember that as members of GAGA we have all agreed to abide by certain rules of conduct and one of those rules is:

7. Organic material (weeds, discarded vegetables, stalks and vines) and trash, garbage, etc. must not be placed on pathways, laneways or in ditches. Organic compostable materials, if not ploughed into their plot by the member, may be placed in the designated compost area but all non-compostable trash and garbage must be removed from the garden plot site by the member.

If you see anyone dumping garbage in the gardens – please alert us at

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