Rules refresher

Hello gardeners!

The board has received numerous complaints related to garden rule infractions.

Please take a moment to reread the rules we all agreed to abide by when registering our plots this spring.

Orient Park Rules
Anderson Road Rules

In particular please abide by the following:

1) Slow down!
To avoid accidents and damage to the roadway, members and all other individuals travelling on the entrance and through the designated roadways around the plot areas shall not exceed the posted speed limit (20 km per hour).

2) Water use
Water must be used carefully and only on garden plots. Washing vehicles is not allowed. Sprinklers and hoses must not be left running unattended. Rubber washers must be used on all hose connections to prevent water leakage.

3) Pets
Dogs and other animals must be kept on a leash and away from plots if brought to the site. Animal waste must be removed and properly disposed of in available garbage barrels or off the garden site.

Please consider that the board reserves the right to cancel plot privileges at any time for any member’s failure to abide by these rules.


Thoughts on theft

Sadly there have also been many reports of theft in the gardens – both of tools and produce.

This is a community garden and we all have a responsibility in being good neighbors and watching out for each other and not borrowing someone’s tools without asking or indeed stealing someone’s just ripening produce.

The board is well aware that everyone in the community has access to the gardens – mischievous teenagers, members of the community walking their pets, seniors on a stroll, etc. We do not and cannot police the gardens so this is a complaint that crops up every year.

Use your best judgement on whether you want to leave your garden tools laying about or when it would be best to harvest an item.

And let’s be good to one another.

Invasive plant info session

The Blackburn Community Association nvironment committee will be hosting a speaker series focusing on invasive plant species and what can be done about them. All are welcome to join. The discussion will include wild parsnip which has taken root in many parts of the garden. Light refreshments will be served.

Speaker: Patrick Phillips, Blackburn resident and lecturer at the University of Ottawa
Topic: Invasive Plant Species
Date: 7pm on Thursday August 15 (30 minute talk & 30 minute Q/A)
Location: Bearbrook Retirement Residence (2645 Innes Road at 4 corners. Lower level in theatre room


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