Fall cleanup reminder

The time to close the gardens is approaching and fall clean-up is on our minds.

As part of the Orient Park Garden Rules – It is your responsibility to ensure that your plot is cleared at the end of every gardening season.

All gardeners at Orient Park are required to clear their annual plot(s) of garbage, tools, hoses, cages/trellises/supports and plant material to ensure easy spring tilling. Please:

  • remove all plant material and place it on one of the compost piles by October 16th. (‘X’ marks the location of compost piles on the map below).
    • DO NOT place piles at the front of your plot – compost must go to one of ‘X’ piles
    • DO remove corn and sunflower stalks and roots. The roots cause issues for tilling in the spring
    • DO NOT toss compost in the ditches and along the side of the gardens at the back or just across the road. Place it on a designated compost pile.
  • remove all garbage and garden tools/implements from your garden
    • DO NOT use the forest or the surrounding edges of the garden as a storage site for your garden implements. 
    • DO take all garbage home and dispose of it there

Plot holders are responsible for clean-up and may not be extended gardening privileges in 2022 if these responsibilities are not fulfilled. 

If, due to illness, injury, or some enforced absence from the gardens, you are not able to fulfill these responsibilities, please contact gaga@ncf.ca.

Harvesting past clean up?

Annual gardeners may leave produce in their plots and continue harvesting past the cleanup date of October 16th. If you wish to do so please place a sign in your plot to indicate you are still harvesting – many vegetables do better in this weather than they do in the summer!

Please note if you decide to continue harvesting, and after clean-up day, all vegetable matter in your plot MUST be taken to the main compost pile.

That will be YOUR responsibility.

Sunflowers, corn and brassicas must be removed from annual plots since their roots are very large and could damage the tiller in the spring.

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