2011 AGM

Gloucester Allotment Garden Association held it’s Annual General Meeting on March 8, 2011 with nearly 150 in attendance. Members received an update on the financial health of the club, new projects and a discussion paper on a few proposed changes to rules & regulations. The Election of Directors included one new Board member (John Ross) with no additional nominations from the floor.

One highlight of the evening was the recognition of two members for their service and dedication on the Board of Directors for 30 years. The presentation was made by Frank Bogdasavich on behalf of membership to surprised George Bushell and Roger Eyvindson. Frank spoke of Roger’s long service as “Minister of Finance” to keep the club in the black.

He has been Treasurer of GAGA for 30 years.

George Bushell was described as a leader who inspires each member to work for the good of the association. He is an avid gardener, has written many articles on organic gardening and promotes good gardening practices to one and all. George has spearheaded many programs to obtain provincial & city grants for the benefit of the club. George has been the President of GAGA for 30 years.

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