New website address

Goodbye Hello

The Gloucester Allotment Garden Association has moved its website to a new address and service provider.

Wondering why?

GAGA has made this move with the goal of ensuring better technical service going forward with Canadian provider HostPapa. This includes:

  • Better technical support
  • Backups
  • Automated website updates and upgrades

What does this mean for you?

This change will affect the majority of our membership in one area: etransfer renewal payments.

All members will be required to update their GAGA etransfer email address because of this changeover. The current etransfer email address that 80% of our membership use to pay for their plots will not work come renewal time next year. Our new etransfer payment address is and we will be reminding all gardeners in the coming months to update their online banking information with this new address. Payments sent to the old address will not be delivered. Make sure to update your information!

Our general email box will also change to the new address of All website form inquiries are already updated to correctly deliver emails to us at this new address. Email inquiries sent to our old address at will not be answered after December 31st 2022.

Finally, any users who have the old site bookmarked would be wise to update their links to this new address at

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