Registration night cancelled

The Gloucester Allotment Garden Association Annual General Meeting and registration night for the 2020 gardening season has been cancelled.

Due to the unprecedented pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Gloucester Allotment Garden Association (GAGA) is cancelling its AGM and registration night originally scheduled for 7:30 March 24th at the Louis Riel High School.

The AGM will be rescheduled to a later spring date to be decided.

Garden registrations to continue online and by mail

Garden registration renewals will still take place through two methods. 

1) Online: If you’re a gardener who plans on renewing your current plot and are comfortable with paying by e-transfer – please use this option. We’ve already had 25% of our members renew and pay online and it is the easiest method of registering your garden for 2020. 

The process will take about three minutes and will require you to know your plot number(s) from last year. 

Please click here to renew online.

2) Mail: If you are uncomfortable with the online option, you may still renew your garden by mail by filling out one of the PDF registration forms and mailing it to our registrar. Those forms are available here:

  1. Please fill in the membership application fully.
  2. Print and sign that you have read the Rules and information on the bottom of page 1 of the application form.
  3. Include a cheque made out to the Gloucester Allotment Garden Association. Cash is acceptable but a cheque is preferred. We will be unable to honor any registration night discounts for 2020. We do encourage all members to consider indicating their willingness to volunteer with spring staking and fall cleanup activities to qualify for the volunteer discount next year.
  4. Mail the completed application form to the Registrar:

GAGA Registrar
2464 Autumn Hill Crescent
Ottawa, ON K1B 4M5

GAGA will take the registration form and payment but only cash the cheque for returning gardeners in good standing. 

March 31st is the renewal deadline 

Garden renewals and payment are expected to be in the hands of the registrar by March 31st. After that plots that have not been renewed will be released to our waiting list so please renew before the end of the month – you may lose your plot if you wait too long to renew. 


If you have questions on how to fill out your registration form or are unsure of your plot number – email the registrar at You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

The coming days and weeks may bring tough challenges. We ask that everyone take care to stay healthy and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we try move forward with our 2020 registration plans in a safe environment.

With thanks,

All of us at GAGA

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