AGM & Garden Registration date set!

The Gloucester Allotment Garden Association annual general meeting and registration for the 2020 gardening season will take place 7:30pm on Tuesday March 24th 2020 in the cafeteria of the Louis Riel High School located near the dome in Blackburn Hamlet.

The AGM will take place first with a quick update on the past year’s gardening activities followed by registration for the new gardening season.

Current gardeners in good standing have the opportunity to renew their gardens and the remaining plots will be open to new registrants.

If you plan on coming we would encourage you to please print and fill out the appropriate registration form and bring a cheque made out to to the Gloucester Allotment Garden Association registration night AGM. Those forms are available here:

More general info on the gardens is available here.

We will take the registration form and payment but only cash the cheque if a plot becomes available to you. We do accept cash payment as well but for administration purposes would encourage and request payment by cheque.

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